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JESSICA LA | designer . illustrator . animator

finding peas


No matter what you look like or how different you think you are, there's always a place for everyone :)

Finding Peas is a short film about friendship and adventure! We follow a character named Mara who is exploring the world. In each place she visits, she makes a new friend. She journeys to find her peas in a pod. Keep scrolling to meet the pod crew!

SPECIAL THANKS to these lovely people for advising me through this project:

 Jen Egger . Kate Johnson . Camillia Chan . Sakona Kong . Scott Uyeshima

and Sarah Shae for editing the music



Meet Mara! Mara has a love of traveling and can't stay in one place for too long. She is very sweet and outgoing. She has a very welcoming quality to them and makes friends easily.


Meet Levi! Levi is a shy, little critter. It takes him some time to open up to others. But, once you get to know him, he is a bundle of joy.


Meet Tula! Tula has a golden and pure heart. Always curious, she loves to explore the environment around her. Making friends comes easily to her, but sometimes may come off nosey. But it's only because she wants to get to know you as much as she can!


Meet Remi! Remi is a lazy bum. He's nocturnal so he is pretty sleepy throughout the day time. Most of the time he likes to keep to himself, but if you're patient with him, you may make a new friend!


Meet Theo! Though small, Theo has an abundance of energy! He loves being goofy with his friends. Sometimes he may be a little too much to handle... Despite this, you can't help but adore him.


Ceramic figures of the pod!


Early explorations of environments and characters.